Walt Lizza Colon Cancer Survivor

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It started in November 2004, the week before Walt’s 40th birthday. He discovered an alarming amount of blood in the toilet bowl. Of course he knew that this was not normal. Nervous and startled, he immediately contacted one of his best friends Dr. Frederick Ruthardt and a colonoscopy was scheduled within a week.

Dr. Ruthardt never found cancer when he scoped a friend. But, he knew that Walt had cancer as soon as he saw the mushroom-shaped tumor on the screen.  He told Walt’s wife Amy and his parents of his findings and scheduled surgery.  Walt’s surgery was performed by Dr. Michael Reilly on a Monday in early December, just two days after Walt’s surprise birthday party that Amy had been planning for months.

During the surgery, Dr. Reilly removed four feet of Walt’s colon. His incision is only three inches long.

The surgery was a success! And, because Walt acted fast, there was no need for chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  After the surgery, initially he was scoped once a year, now it is once every two years.

Walt stresses the importance of seeking medical attention as soon as possible. “If I wouldn’t have called Dr. Ruthardt when I first experienced symptoms, I would have died within a year. So, always remember to act fast. It could save your life,” said Walt.

Walt also thanks Dr. Frederick Ruthardt and Dr. Michael Reilly. “They are the best,” he said.

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