Why Adults Need the Whooping Cough Vaccine

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Did you know:

Which adults need whooping cough vaccine?
All adults age 19 to 64 years need a one-time whooping cough booster vaccine. Adults age 65 years and older need a one-time whooping cough booster if they will have close contact with infants younger than 12 months. If not already vaccinated, pregnant women should receive the booster vaccine late in the second trimester or during the third trimester, during each pregnancy. The whooping cough booster is a combination vaccine with tetanus and diphtheria. The vaccine is called Tdap. Once an adult gets the Tdap vaccine, he or she should get the Td (tetanus and diphtheria) booster every 10 years from then on.

See more at: http://www.adultvaccination.org/vpd/pertussis#sthash.VDRX8OeB.dpuf

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